The Lowdown on Low Dosing with Kristie Amobi

About the Author Kristie Amobi, Author of The Lowdown on Low Dosing Kristie Amobi is an executive consultant working in the medical industry. Prior to consulting, Kristie served as VP of Marketing at Elekta, Inc., the second largest cancer treatment equipment and software manufacturer in the world. Kristie’s interest in cannabis stems from a positive

cannabis events are great in california
Cannabis Events in Los Angeles You Cannot Miss!

Los Angeles Cannabis Events Aren’t a Rarity! This short list is nowhere near a comprehensive guide to cannabis events in Los Angeles but looks to serve as a starting point for anyone interested in the cannabis space. Each of the events listed has it’s own unique set of characteristics and promotes a way of engaging

cannabis delivery service data
Cannabis Delivery Service Data Points to Study

Numbers don’t lie – your cannabis delivery service data is your source of truth. Nothing makes that more clear than being able to skillfully dissect the cannabis delivery service data that your point-of-sale partner provides you. Information from these reports can not only give you raw data, but the metrics provided should be used in

cannabis delivery products can make or break your business
4 Quick Tips for Sourcing Products for Your Cannab...

Choose wisely…the success of your cannabis business depends on it! Let’s be honest here: picking products for your delivery service isn’t an easy task. Your cannabis delivery products can make or break your business. It goes beyond the monetary value that items can bring to your location and right into the ethos that your location

The WebJoint Checklist for Newly Licensed Delivery...

Get informed on CURRENT regulations. The legal cannabis industry is no place for the faint of heart. California’s process for obtaining a license has proven to not only be difficult, but nearly impossible for entrepreneurs that have a lack of capital. This, along with many other factors has been a primary topic of conversation over the

A Definitive Guide to Compliance — California Ca...

Cannabis Retail Licensing Cannabis Retail License Types: M: Allows for the sale of cannabis products to those aged 18 or older. A-U: Adult-use license types allow for the sale of cannabis products to adults ages 21 or older. Combo: Allows for both consumer-types to be serviced by one location. The tax regulations pertaining to each

cannabis delivery software questions
7 Questions to Ask When Purchasing Cannabis Delive...

Your Cannabis Delivery Software Eases Your Operations If you own a delivery service, you need to protect your investment by adhering to the set of guidelines provided by the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC). One way of doing this is by selecting an adequate cannabis delivery software system that gives owners the ability to manage