Marketing for cannabis businesses.


Make your cannabis business competitive on the market with innovative marketing solutions by some of the industry's best.


Get your brand’s image in front of the right audience at the right time.

Programmatic Research

With data driven Real-Time Bidding, we reach your audience across all devices and in all formats.

ROI Focused Approach

Maximize return on investment by curating inventory that drives engagement and consumers’ lifetime value.

Compliant Media

Compliant media plans and delivery delivery w/ compliant creatives. The Flower Agency focuses on providing a brand safe and compliant environment for your ads.

User Acquisition

Not only do they strive to acquire new users for your brand, we make sure that they are high yielding consumers.

Location Based Targeting

The Flower Agency's technology enables us to target your audience within your desired state and zip code. In addition to that, we can target audience profiles on their traveling patterns.

Cannabis Delivery Resources - Digital Marketing

Need a little more help with marketing?

Need some extra help with your cannabis delivery? Take a look at our library of free resource guides and eBooks— from standard operating procedures, to financial best practices, to marketing and branding tips. These guides are put together with love and care by our in-house team and some of the industry's leaders across various fields.

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