The first credit & loyalty-enabled digital payments platform for cannabis.

Say goodbye to cash transactions. KindTap offers safe and secure digital payments for cannabis purchases.


KindTap is a closed-loop network revolutionizing the cannabis payment industry, enabling cannabis delivery operators and retailers to compliantly accept digital payments for customer purchases.

Banking Services

KindTap’s partners offer a full suite of banking services tailored to fit the needs of cannabis operators, including traditional bank accounts and lending services.

Accept Digital Payments

No cash. No problem. Accept digital payments at the time of order to deliver a frictionless customer experience.


Deepen relationships with your existing customer base with KindTap's Loyalty Program and access customers across the KindTap payment network.

Safe & Secure

KindTap has contracted with industry-leading processors with certified compliance on payment industry privacy & security regulations. KindTap does not have access to your customers' bank account information and never touches your money.

How KindTap Works

It’s time to remove the friction from cannabis payments. KindTap is the first credit & loyalty-enabled digital payments platform for Cannabis. With KindTap, you can:

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